ImproveQS ViK (Vakmanschap in Kwaliteit) event: “Off-shoring: do’s and dont’s”

On September 25th, the ImproveQS ViK (Vakmanschap in Kwaliteit) event will be held in Waalre.

Quality Level Management

On this evening, organized by the QLM workgroup of Improve QS, Ronald Hogenboom of TomTom International will share his experiences with outsourcing of testing activities. After his presentation, together with the audience, we will discuss some real-life examples and map them to the QLM model.

Presentation: Supplier Selection & Experiences in Outsourcing

Organizations today tend to jump into outsourcing testing activities with expectations of significant cost savings, reduced cycle times, and higher quality. In this presentation, Ronald will assist in preparing you to address these expectations by providing off-shoring “do’s and don’ts”. He will provide lessons learned and help you to avoid, or at least be better prepared for, the testing outsourcing challenges. Ronald will explain things to take in account when your company is considering outsourcing or already has outsourcing activities and give practical examples on how to manage the quality level in this customer-supplier relationship. The goal of any sourcing engagement is for both parties to have a mutually beneficial and long lasting arrangement. This presentation will improve your odds of making this happen.

Speaker: Ronald Hogenboom
Ronald Hogenboom

Starting as a system tester, Ronald has progressed to the test manager of the Custom Systems division of TomTom International. In this role he is responsible for line management of all on-site test resources and for setting the test strategy of Custom Systems. He is also heavily involved in outsourcing of test activities to India, including supplier selection and appraisal processes. His specialties are: Managing on-site and off-shore test teams, outsourcing test activities, creating test strategies for business units, embedded software testing. Ronald is a Certified ISTQB practitioner.

Agenda (Highlights)

  • Introduction
  • Presentation Ronald Hogenboom
  • Break
  • Applying QLM: Real-life cases

How to Register:

You can register for this event via the following link:,135.html

Inquiry: Quality in Outsourcing
We would like to invite you participate in our online inquiry about your experiences with Quality in Outsourcing. With this inquiry we are gathering information and data about quality in customer-supplier relationships in IT-related projects (Quality Level Management).

The inquiry consists of 30 questions, most of which are multiple choice. The answers will be processed anonymously. The results will be published on our blog and summarized in an article that will be publicly available.

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