Are you delivering Business Quality?

Do you deliver potentionally shippable software each sprint? What does potentionally shippable mean for you? Do you have a shared understanding about that? Do you know what your customers want? How do you know? Do you as a team ever talk to them? When are your stories done? What does done mean to you? Do you recognize struggling with tests in a sprint? Why do you struggle? Do you know the amount of product risk that goes with particular stories? What about your internal quality? Do you service technical debt regularly or even prevent it from building up? Do you perform code reviews? Why? Do you reach 80% code coverage with your unit tests? Why not 70? Or 90? Why leave 20 percent out? Do you ever say no to stories as a Product Owner? Remember 60% of features will probably never be used by your customers. Are you quality infected? What does that mean?

These questions (and their answers) help scrum teams in gaining a better collective understanding about delivering quality software that really is potentionally shippable each sprint. We will elaborate on these questions in forthcoming blog posts on Business Quality. Stay tuned…

About Bart Bouwers

agile coach, trainer, computing scientist and music lover.
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